Major Research Activities

  1. Constrained groove pressing and annealing in Al-Mn-Si alloy (with M.R. Jandaghi and H. Pouraliakbar, WorldTech Scientific Research Center (WT-SRC), Iran) 2011-present.
  2. Application of artificial intelligence in predicting material properties (WorldTech Scientific Research Center (WT-SRC), Iran) 2011-present.
  3. Explosive welding and post weld heat treatment (with Dr. M.R. Khanzadeh, Islamic Azad university, Iran) 2015- present.
  4. Corrosion in pipeline steels (WorldTech Scientific Research Center (WT-SRC) and Safa Industrial Group, Iran) 2015-present.
  5. The feasibility of multi-wall carbon nanotube synthesis on red mud without the use of a catalyst, (Islamic Azad University, Iran), 2014.
  6. Characterization and modelling of phase transformation in HSLA steels (with Dr. A. Khodabandeh, Islamic Azad University, Iran). 2009-2013.
  7. Geopolymers (with Dr. A. Nazari, WorldTech Scientific Research Center (WT-SRC), Iran) 2008-2013.
  8. Corrosion in oil refining components (Pars Oil & Gas Company, Iran), 2006 – 2007.
  9. Fracture toughness of X65 pipeline steel (Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Co., Iran), 2005 - 2006.
  10. Thermo-reactive deposition and diffusion coatings (with Prof. S.M. Mousavi Khoei, Iran), 2003-2006.